Precious Metals Trading

Dillon Gage Metals has been a global leader in physical precious metals for over 40 years. Since it was established in 1976, Dillon Gage has repeatedly been recognized as a pillar in the industry. No other wholesale trading firm is more trusted or better equipped to help precious metals clients navigate the industry’s ever-changing landscape.

One important distinction is that Dillon Gage is one of only a few firms designated as authorized purchasers from the United States Mint. The firm is also an authorized purchaser for all major sovereign mints around the globe. These mint agreements provide Dillon Gage Metals with priority purchasing power, which in turn leads to more competitive pricing in the marketplace.

We offer close spreads and quick delivery on all gold trading, silver trading, platinum and palladium trading, including bullion bars and coins, as well as numismatic items. Dillon Gage is proud to offer:

  • Professional trading desk staffed with friendly, knowledgeable precious metals experts
  • Inventory maintained in many countries around the world to facilitate quick delivery
  • State-of-the-art distribution center that offers drop-shipping and fulfillment for dealers of all sizes

We cater to the precious metals dealer network, estate attorneys, and institutional investors.

Our clients can work one-on-one with our expert traders, Monday-Friday from 8:30 to 5 pm Central Time (CT), by calling 800.375.4653. Extended trading hours are available via, our online real-time trading platform. Registered clients can trade from Sundays at 5pm CT and continue unabated until Fridays at 4pm CT. (Holidays can impact these hours)


Dillon Gage has developed a suite of leading-edge technology services that support precious metals trading professionals including:

  • Electronic trading platform,, with extended hours from Sundays at 5pm Central continuing unabated through Fridays at 4:15pm Central
  • Full-service trading on the FizTrade Mobile App for iPhones
  • Digital technologies and API integration services for trading partners to help improve their efficiency, reduce cost and minimize risk
  • Online portal, that facilitates IRA transactions between you and your clients
  • DGGold, physical precious metal product tracked through blockchain technology
  • Electronic newsletter, The Market Gage, delivers insights and global economic news

Additionally, our complementary services allow you to handle all your precious metal needs within one company including:

  • Storage facilities in Delaware, Texas and Ontario to provide secure, insured and efficient depository services.
  • Refining operation that handles everything from low grade material high grade karat scrap.

For more information on precious metals trading with Dillon Gage, visit our FAQ page.

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